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Thursday, 10 June 2010 00:00

...Like Jesus, the Servant of the Lord, who invites us to come to him because he is “meek and humble of heart,” we must be in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters – with evildoers and with the victims of evil.  Through the Incarnation, and in order to redeem everyone, Jesus took on our sinful condition and became one, so to speak, with sinners and oppressors as well as one with all who are the victims of sin and oppression....

In spite of problems and faults that may plague us individually as well as the Church itself, we are challenged to continue to proclaim a Gospel which is always good news for the poor and downtrodden.  The Gospel is good news not because we are so good and wonderful but because our God is good and wonderful.  It is God’s love and mercy, symbolized in the wounded Heart of Jesus, that we wish to have in our own hearts and share with others.  If our wounded hearts can be a humble reflection and sacrament of His Heart, then we can accomplish the tremendous mission we have been given.  Since His Heart is filled with hope and confidence, ours must be the same.  “It is I.  Do not be afraid” are his words to us and ours to the world.

May God give us the courage we need to be faithful and hope-filled in today’s world.

Excerpts from the Letter for the Feast of the Sacred Heart 2010 authored by:

Mark McDonald, MSC
Narciso Abellana, MSC
F. X. Wahyudi, MSC
Faustino Fernández, MSC

Fr. McDonald is the General Superior of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart