By Br. Warren Perrotto, MSC ( Pennsylvania Community, Center Valley, PA)

Today we celebrate our 165th anniversary of our Foundation. In 1854, in a small town in France, called Issoudun, Fr. Jules Chevalier (1824/1907), who from his seminary years felt a profound call to dedicate his life to the service of missions. He had a deep concern about what happened in the French society of his time. He discovered in the society what he called the “mal modern” (modern evils), that were dechristianizing the country and making it almost impossible, a fraternal life among the people of France. Looking deeply into Jesus Christ. He discovered in Jesus’ eyes that Jesus was more concerned about the world than he was; and it was looking at the Heart of Jesus, finding in it, the effective remedy to counteract, all the ills that society lived.

In the poor and the little ones, in all the victims of injustice and violence, we will discover the face of Christ. He asks us to bring his love into their lives. In answer to his call, we will show our compassion towards them by working courageously to guarantee their human rights and to change the hearts of their oppressors. (MSC Constitutions, 22)

Because Mary is intimately united to the mystery of her Son’s Heart, we pray to her as our Founder did, using the title Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. She has known the unfathomable riches of Christ; her whole being was filled with his love; she leads us to him, pointing to his Her, the source of boundless love that gives birth to a new world. (MSC Constitutions, 18)

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Loved Everywhere. Now and forever!

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