A child can wonder

A child can wonder. Where an adult sees a cheap plaything, the child sees a sparkling red and green and golden revelation of glory. How precious this thing must be, the child thinks, I want that! Adults often want playthings too. However adult toys are likely to carry a high price tag. They are also likely to be objects of greed or status rather than wonder. Few adults can wonder at simple things. Few adults retain the wonder of childhood.

The fact is, the worthless trinket which catches the eye of the child does have beauty. It sparkles red and green and golden. It is after all, part of God’s creation, a revelation of his glory. From the crib the human soul hungers for beauty. Nothing is so “cheap” or simple as spiritual beauty. It is so far from being exclusive that all can have it. That is why many do not value it. They run instead after grand possessions, losing what is free for the asking.


O God, St. Augustine addressed you: “O Beauty ever ancient, ever new…” (Confessions, Bk 10). You give yourself freely to all who want you. Increase my desire for you above all things.

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