A competition of charity

We who are disciples of Jesus have many different gifts (Rom 12). It is in the sharing of them that all of us benefit. If there must be a competition among the disciples of the Lord it ought to be a competition of charity. When we appreciate what God has given a brother or sister we are praising the Giver. We also become sharers in the gift.

Unfortunately, envy can produce a rivalry which is not productive for ourselves or others. Envy sours the soul. A community filled with envy cannot give witness to Jesus. Indeed, it gives a quite contrary worldly witness, for envy is the rule in the world about us. A sign that we are learning to let go of envy is our ability to help others in their service of Jesus, without seeking credit or praise. The first time any one of us does this we may experience an unfamiliar feeling of peace. The death of envy always brings about a birth of peace in our hearts.


I want to be a true servant of yours, Lord. In serving others in their work for you I serve you and your mission of love in the world. With you and them I become a sign of unity and charity.

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