A day which has begun with prayer

People who pray a great deal are sometime accused of running away from the world. Most of us have had the experience that when we begin our day with quiet reflection in the presence of the Lord, our work is much more productive for ourselves and others. Other days are likely to be confused and unsatisfying. Part of the difference is undoubtedly the grace of God coming to our assistance. Also part of it is the attitude which we can bring to a day which has begun with prayer.

It is much easier to lay aside anxiety and frustration if our spirits are grounded in God’s way of seeing things. For God the events that may seem to us to be important are only a setting for something much more important; our steady progress in his love and toward the only work that will last, living in his peace, and contemplating his beauty. The work we do here is important but only in relation to that greater work.


Be with me, Lord, in everything I do today so that I can both accomplish the tasks at hand and move a step closer to you while doing them. Give me the wisdom to work for your purposes in me and in my world.

© 2020 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
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