We love as Jesus loved.


We are the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, or MSC from the Latin Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis. We are an order of Roman Catholic priests and brothers founded by Fr. Jules Chevalier in 1854 in Issoudun, France. Our order is based on the spirituality of the Sacred Heart, focusing on building healthy relationships with God, self, and others. We believe that encountering God can transform lives and heal relationships. Our founder, Fr. Chevalier gave the MSC the motto “May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere.” Today, we also follow a mission statement, “we love as Jesus loved.”

As a missionary order, more than 1,900 MSCs have brought the Gospel to 54 countries, provided pastoral care to others in their spiritual journeys, fought for social justice and human rights, and served the poor, the alienated, and those without hope. We take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as the members of a religious order.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions to the MSC and/or related programs are tax-deductible.


MSC United States
Leadership and Administration

Fr. Raymond Diesbourg, M.S.C.

Provincial Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist
Fr. Steve Boland, M.S.C.

Vocations Director
Fr. Joseph Kanimea, M.S.C.

Province Judge
Fr. Joseph Muller, M.S.C.

Provincial Council

Fr. Raymond Diesbourg, M.S.C. (Provincial)
Fr. David Foxen, M.S.C. (Vice-Provincial)
Fr. Michael Miller, M.S.C.
Fr. Luis Segura, M.S.C.
Fr. Joseph Kanimea, M.S.C.
Fr. Adrian Budhi, M.S.C.
Br. James Miller, M.S.C.

Fr. David Foxen, M.S.C. (California)
Fr. Joseph Gleixner, M.S.C. (Illinois)
Fr. Vincent Freeh, M.S.C. (New York)
Fr. Richard Kennedy, M.S.C. (Pennsylvania)
Fr. Luis Segura, M.S.C. (Colombia)

Foundation Contacts

Julie Moots, Sacred Heart Foundation

Wendy Michalski, The Compassion Foundation


The US Missionaries of the Sacred currently work in California, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida, as well as in Colombia and Papua New Guinea, bringing the love of the Heart of Jesus to parishes, educational and job training programs, retreats, prisons, Native American reservations, and to many other places through their daily interactions with the people they serve.

The Sacred Heart Foundation provides scholarships to young men around the world who are studying to become MSC. Over the years they have awarded more than $1 million in scholarships.

Mission Project Service strives to help Church people and other agents of development in less-industrialized countries obtain assistance from international agencies for their religious and socio-economic projects.

We hope you enjoy the stories of these men who have followed God’s call in the service of the Kingdom and we invite you to share in the missionary work of the Church by helping us care for them by donating to the MSC and supporting our mission.


The USA Province of the MSC supports activities and missions in Colombia (South America) and in countries in the South Pacific, South Asia and Africa.

The worldwide congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart is organized into Provinces, Regions, Unions and Sections, depending on how well-established the mission is. For instance, the Colombia Section started out as a mission of the MSC USA Province. Over the years, the mission has grown and fewer MSC from the USA were needed to carry out the projects there because several young Colombian men joined our congregation. The community in Colombia continues to grow, however the mission is still largely dependent on the MSC USA Province for financial support, and so the MSC Colombian Section is a part of the MSC USA Province.

Instead of being part of a province, the MSC Unions (MSC Africa Union, MSC India Union and MSC Pacific Union) are directly under the Generalate in Rome. Each Union relies on the support of the well-established MSC provinces around the world to help fund their projects and to train the new members of their rapidly growing communities. The United States Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart sends financial support to each of these unions to help them complete their many mission projects and ministries.



We are an international spiritual program that empowers and supports you towards the road to forgiveness, acceptance, and growth. Through a blend of formal talks, common prayer, private reflection, and small group sharing we have successfully transformed thousands of lives and continue to heal hearts all over the world.

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