Are we trying to prove something?

One of the biggest obstacles in the spiritual life is a tendency to be rigid. On the one hand, there may be a deep rebellion against rules; on the other, there may be a reverence for rules which gets in the way of spiritual freedom. This can lead to swinging back and forth between careless disregard even for rules which come from common sense and a perfectionism which sets us up for a fall.

For those of us who have this temperamental problem we can only ask, Are we trying to prove something? Are we, at one time, trying to see ourselves as martyrs to all those silly rules and, at another time, trying to prove that we can make ourselves perfect? All the sensible rules are made for us, to enable us to become more free and loving. Love goes beyond all rules. Only God can change us from rule-observing Pharisees to loving disciples of the Lord. Our part is to let Jesus make us more like himself. He brings peace and tolerance and patience into our spiritual lives.


I pray for the grace to understand how to live in your love, Lord. You alone can make me better and bring me to perfect love which goes beyond all rules.

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