Being persons of love and peace

Perhaps it is enough on some days to merely “be” peaceful souls in a very unpeaceful world. “Shakers and movers” may seem to change the face of the world. Yet when they are done the world is pretty much the same. Jesus was remarkable in that all he shook or moved were the hearts of a few disciples, and the movement there was toward love and peace.

Being a disciple who loves and who is at peace can influence the world in a lasting way, as Jesus has influenced the world in a lasting way. The whole world needs to hear: Be still and know that I am God.

Our prayer, which develops in “quiet times,” can change our hearts so that we can change the world by being persons of love and peace. The still center of our universe is to be found inside ourselves. Yet it needs to be discovered anew by every one of us after we grow weary of other adventures.


Convert me, Lord Jesus, in my quiet times into a true disciple, who can then be a true witness to you. Penetrate my agitation with your peace and love. Make me a center of peace and love in my world.

© 2020 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
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