By Fr. Mike Miller, MSC Secretary General - Rome, Italy.

On Saturday, Oct 13, seven members of the General House community and an MSC guest spent a day of community fun starting with a three-hour high-speed train ride, 300 kph, to Milan Italy.

We first visited the Duomo, Milan’s Cathedral, where St. Ambrose preached, and St. Augustine listened, finally. On the right-side wall as you enter, chiseled on a very large marble slab are the names of all the titular bishops on this major church extending back to the first century. St Ambrose is the eleventh. Literally carved in stone is the apostolic succession of bishops visible to the eye.

Duomo: MSC, Frs. Roberto, Hans, Ben, Mike, Jean Jules, Aris and Quy.

We not only marveled at the religious artistic engineering of the flying buttresses, chiseled statues and sculptures from ground level, but from the roof top we saw the majestic view of the city and the attention to detail on the roof where only a hardy few see the complexity and simplicity of this beautiful testimony to God’s grandeur.

At trattoria. Jean Jules, Hans, Ben, Roberto, Aris, Quy, Mike, Hermas, all MSC, only one local draft beer each, delicious.

After a delicious lunch in a trattoria near the Duomo, we visited the Basilica of St. Ambrose, plus a spectacular fort castle from the Middle Ages.  All are very impressive sites.

Fr. Roberto and Fr. Hans

Fr. Mike and Fr. Roberto

The hut façade with the entrance portico.

Fr. Mike

St. Ambrose interior.

Pulpit in St Ambrose.

Chapel of the Sacred Heart

Returning on the high-speed train, we arrived home safely, physically tired but spiritually renewed in our Catholic faith.

We are delighted to welcome Father Herman Pongatung, MSC, who arrived to the United States from Indonesia last month. Father Herman professed his first vows on January 9, 1986 and was ordained on January 9, 1993. He is working in Watertown, New York as Parochial Vicar at St. Patrick and St. Anthony Parishes. Welcome Father Herman!

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