Cooperating in our own healing

Moses told his people, “I have today set before you life and prosperity, death and doom…” (Deut 30). Jesus offered a similar choice. How are we to reconcile their statements which imply an “Angry God” with an image of God as a compassionate Father? The key can be found in the scenes where Jesus grieves over the people who reject him. In this world and the next they are preparing their own destruction. God’s purpose is not our doom; however he has given all of us freedom to decide which it shall be, doom or spiritual life.

Believing that God can restore us through Jesus requires first of all that we believe that God has good will toward us and then that he has the power to do the healing. At that point we are called upon to make a decision as to whether we will cooperate in our own healing. Nothing can take the place of this decision. God will never revoke his gift of freedom or dispense us from the need to use it.


Sometimes, Lord, I feel you are angry with me, when all you are trying to do is get my attention so that you can heal me. Guard me from projecting my childish imaginings into my understanding of you.

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