By Fr. Steve Boland, MSC 

Good Friday 

Death causes great grief and pain in the lives of most survivors. Indeed St. Paul calls death “the last enemy to be destroyed.” Yet in becoming fully human even to the point of dying on the cross, Jesus turns the ugliness of his death into something holy. Indeed in the Gospel of John, the story of the death of Jesus is called “The Book of Glory”. In being obedient to the call of love to the point of death on the cross, Jesus is glorified in the redemption that he offers to each of us. The cross is the ultimate act of divine forgiveness.

On September 14, we celebrate another feast of the cross known as the “Triumph of the Cross”. The triumph comes through this ultimate act of love and forgiveness. Jesus takes on the sin and the pain of humanity and turns it into a new beginning, the fulfillment of a new covenant with God.

Our Founder, Fr. Jules Chevalier, wrote, “Like St. Paul, I am making an effort to go further and to find my consolation in the Cross. I know that all the works of God are founded on Calvary and on suffering. That thought strengthens me.” May we be strengthened as well through the love of God shown to us in the greatest way possible on the altar of the cross. May it always be the new “Tree of Life” for us as we carry our own crosses united with the Heart of Christ.

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