By Br. Jim Miller, MSC 

A Brother’s perspective:

This is the first Sunday of Lent and the readings point us in the direction we should try to take. Through Noah, God first establishes a covenant with us. Peter shows us that Jesus is the fulfillment of that covenant. Jesus takes his journey of fasting in the desert before he begins his ministry among the people.

My time with the people of Papua New Guinea has shown me that I had to go through a desert before I could really be effective in helping them. That desert involved a lot of not knowing what to do, of learning the ways of the people, of making many mistakes. Every Lent is a chance for each of us to grow a little closer to Christ so as to learn His ways so that we can be more effective in ministering to those around us. So, take your time; we have 40 days to see ourselves more clearly in the light that only Christ can give us so that we can rise with Him on this new Easter in our lives.

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