By Fr. Joji Adagatla, MSC 

Luke 11:29-32 

The opening sentence of today’s Gospel may grab your attention. Jesus is telling the crowd that the current generation is an evil generation. He goes on to tell them what will happen in the future and the forecast is not favorable! In fact, I assume Jesus words may have been frightening and forbidding to His listeners! 

Do you pay attention to warning signs? Many could be avoided if people took the warning signs seriously. In the Old Testament, the Ninevites recognized God’s warning when Jonah spoke to them, and they repented. And the Queen of Sheba recognized God’s wisdom in Solomon. Jonah was God’s sign and his message was the message of God for the people of Ninevites. Unfortunately the religious leaders were not content to accept. Jesus confirmed his message with many miracles in preparation for the greatest sign to all — His resurrection on the third day.

Jesus came to set us free from slavery to sin and hurtful desires. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit he pours his love into our hearts that we may understand his will for our lives and walk in his way of holiness. God searches our hearts, not to condemn us but to show us where we need his saving grace and help. He calls us to seek him with true repentance, humility, and the honesty to see our sins for what they really are. Let us ask the lord to renew our minds and to increase our thirst for his wisdom.

Lord Jesus give me a heart that loves what is good and is in accord with your will. Fill me with your wisdom that I may understand your ways. Give me the grace and the courage to reject whatever is evil and contrary to your will.

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