By Fr. Simi Volavola, MSC 

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.”

All of us have to live and abide by laws. From our parents rules, to our peers and their expectations, to our rules in society and the law of the land. All these laws, rules and regulations and customs and expectations impose on us an identity.

All these find their foundation in God and His laws given to us through Moses and the prophets. In doing so, God has revealed to us our identity. The first reading tells us that the law and the prophets are meant to identify us as a people belonging to God, who are wise and intelligent as He is.

Yet we know that throughout history, we have all struggled to live according to all of God’s law and teachings. We know how often we have failed miserably.

We know that even now we wrestle with certain laws and teachings in our personal lives. There are some we do not even agree with and there are there are those we have habitually broken so often that we have given up hope on keeping them ever again.

This is the brokenness to which Jesus speaks in today’s gospel. He has come to us to fulfill these laws in us. Neither Moses nor any prophet has been able to help any human being live up to all of God’s law and be as wise and intelligent as He is.

Jesus alone is. As Son of the Father, He is the Father’s personification of Wisdom, Intelligence. He has come to fulfill this identity in us by giving Himself to us on Good Friday when He embraced all that is ungodly in us, all our disobedience, all that is evil in us and flooding it and overcoming it with His Blood, which is His Spirit, His Love, Wisdom, Intelligence, Life.

All this takes place at the altar for those who approach Him with humble and contrite hearts.

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