By Fr. Frank Natale, MSC 

Lent: A Twofold Character – BAPTISM & PENANCE!

I invite you to use these remaining days directing and focusing your penitential practices in a better understanding of your BAPTISM.

  1. Find the name of the church where you were baptized, also known as your Mother Parish. If possible visit it during this Lenten Season.
  2. Call your Baptism parish and request to know the dates of your Initiation Sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, First Holy Communion. Seek out pictures if possible of your sacramental days.
  3. Reflect upon the date of your Baptism, remembering this most special day.
  4. Take time during this Lenten Season, reflecting what it would mean for you to renew your Baptismal commitment this Easter.
  5. You may wish to seek out those in the RCIA Program and get to know who has been preparing to receive their Initiation Sacraments this Easter.
  6. Some of your religious and Catholic friends could talk about being committed to spending Lent aware of these “two strands.”
  7. These people could read articles and discuss the “two strands” of Lent, and have discussions that center on sharing the stories of their own Baptism.
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