By Fr. Ernesto Caicedo, MSC

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Today’s readings move us forward in our Lenten journey through instruction about repentance and mercy. The Old Testament recounts a period of infidelity and judgment upon God’s people. In this story, mercy came through the motivation of an outsider-king, who grants a reprieve from this captivity and allows these people to return to their land and rebuild their temple.

Stories with second chances encourage us, as we know, that we often need mercy and compassion. Their deep imprints upon our soul allow us to recognize that our own ways are not working; we need God, and we cannot sustain ourselves without Him.

In the Gospel Jesus tells Nicodemus about his saving mission. God loves this world and has always loved it into a further revelation of that love. John writes that God loved this world in this particular way; God sent the Son to offer eternal life. This saving of the world is not merely the judicial non-condemnation of its inhabitants, it shows us the greatest love that God has for all humanity.


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