By Fr. Pierre Aubin, MSC

Light – Salt

Often Jesus tells us: “I am the bread of life,” “I am the light of the world.”

But he also tells us: “YOU are the light of the world”. “YOU are the salt of the earth”.

He invites us to be like him. Only Jesus is the salt of the earth. He alone, like salt, gives taste to our life. He gives meaning to our life, showing the way to the Father. Salt is a preservative, only Jesus can preserve us for from corruption, he has conquered death. Only Jesus is the light of the world. He makes visible the colors of creation that the darkness of sin keeps hidden.

We know very well that as far as we are concerned, we are rather tasteless and dull. We do not deserve to be salt for the earth and light for the world. We can be only if the Lord shows us the way, makes known to us what is our mission as his followers. Note that he addressed himself not only to his disciples but to people of all walks of life, farmers, teachers, etc. We all have a mission, all have been sent. Salt nor light are made for themselves.

Salt is made to give taste to food and it acts as a preservative. It was especially important at the time of Jesus when there was no electric refrigerator or freezer. Light is made to reveal the existence of objects, to help us see forms and colors. Think of how important light is to us. Try to imagine a world without light, in total darkness. We know that at this time of the year when the days are short and it is cloudy and gloomy; that many people become really depressed. As disciples of Jesus we do not live for ourselves, we are called to live for others. What we have received, we have received to give to others.

We are to renounce ourselves so as to be for others. We are salt or light only in as much as our mission is, not to live for ourselves, but to be at the service of others. By their good works, disciples of Jesus render glory to the Father, they are a source of comfort, a gift to their friends, an example of patience and kindness toward their enemies, always seeking the good of others without exception.

Jesus is challenging us. He tells us that we have talents and gifts that could be of great value to others, talents and gifts we do not give ourselves credit for. Jesus challenges us to be the gift to others that we can be. It may happen that we are called to do big things for others, but most of the time it is little day to day acts of kindness that are significant and important. It could be just a smile or a tap on the shoulder.

Whatever we do to help another is going to bring blessings back to us. We all have experienced that.

We ask the Lord to bless us today as we come before him who is the source of light, of all wisdom and all blessings. That we may become more and more the light for others the salt of the earth.

© 2020 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
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