By Fr. Richard Kennedy, MSC

As Church yesterday we honored St. Joseph for his role in God’s plan of redemption. Today let us take note that this is designated as the first day of Spring.

Regardless of where we are or what the weather is like today, we can still smile because “officially” the winter is over and we can look forward to new growth and new life in nature. The natural cycle of renewal is again taking place after the dormant time of winter.

Spiritually speaking, this can be for us a time of inner renewal. In eight days we will be celebrating Palm Sunday, and in the following days our Church will once again lead us liturgically through the mysteries of Holy Week and Easter. If we are people who pray the Rosary, the five Sorrowful Mysteries and the five Glorious Mysteries can direct our prayers and thoughts to this generous Messiah who literally gave His all so that we might experience victory over sin and death and a glorious eternity with our God forever in heaven.

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