By Fr. Bernie Jakubco, MSC

From Ashes to Life

If Lent is a “beautiful season,” it is up to us to make it so.

There is nothing beautiful about ashes. Ashes are what are left over after the good part has been burned up. It is a stark symbol. Ashes are very basic, and they brings us back to basics. We have to start all over again, from scratch. How many times have we tried to do this?

Lent is not especially beautiful. Lent is tough. And it takes a lot of effort. We are not expected to like it. Lent is meant to be just a little long. And just like Nature’s season of the year, which corresponds well to the time of Lent, there is not much apparent growth at first. Life is dormant … and therefore hidden.

The beauty, however, comes when the new life starts to show in the green grass, the crocuses, the buds, and the blossoms. After the dormancy of Winter comes the beauty of Spring. For us, the Easter beauty comes when we go from the ashes of Lent to a renewed spiritual life.

It happens every year in nature. Hopefully, if we persevere in our Lenten effort, it will happen in our own lives.


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