By Fr. Joe Tobias, MSC

How is your Lent going?

It is now about three-quarters of the way through Lent and it is a good time to reflect on our relationship with God. Are we lifting the Lord up above all other things in our lives, through prayer, fasting and almsgiving? If we are slacking, we need to improve our achievements. Remember, Lent is not supposed to be easy. Scripture does not promise an easy road to heaven, but it does offer divine assistance.

Lent is a beneficial time to reflect on the ways we have convinced ourselves that we know better than God. We might consider how we hurt ourselves or others by not trusting God and by doing things our way instead. We need to bring our faults to the Cross so we can experience God’s mercy, poured out for us in Jesus’ act of self-giving Love.

In the familiar three-pronged approach to Lent (prayer, fasting, almsgiving), the Church invites us to think about those people who involuntarily fast every day. People who go to bed each night without a meal – never mind a favorite food. People who have to fill their days with hard work just so their families will survive – forget luxuries like movies or TV.

When we say “no” during Lent to our favorite food or activity, we can also say “yes” to something else. For example, we can take the money we save fasting from our favorite food and put it into the Rice Bowl box each Sunday. Or use the time we would spend watching TV on intercessory prayers instead.

Once you start looking for chances to say “yes,” you may start noticing people around you that you might not have noticed otherwise. Perhaps there’s a homeless person you pass on the street or a family at church in worn clothes. You may find yourself wanting to say “yes” and reach out to help. That’s a real gift of the season.

Let the Sacred Heart of Jesus be in charge, accept Him. Let Him change your heart.


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