By Fr. Dave DeLuca, MSC

Holy Week

On the Evening of March 27th we begin the time of Holy Week. A Time of an Eternal Reality: The Passion and Death of our Lord and Savior. Cosmic time becomes Sacred Time. This truth becomes reality in the celebration of the Mass. This action is done every day. It is done in a most solemn celebration annually.

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord brings us to Resurrection Sunday. The rite of the blessing of the palms prepares us for some sort of an Entrance or a procession which renews our assent to follow Christ on his journey to God. The passion is proclaimed on this Sunday in a most solemn manner. In every Mass the Hosannas of Palm Sunday prepare us for the consecration of the bread and wine by which Christ’s Paschal Mystery is made present.

These rituals invite us to receive their graces by entering them in a prayerful spirit. If we enter Holy Week with a palm in our hand we pledge to use this time to be with the Lord in a most intense way. Time given to Christ is never time lost—it is the gateway to true happiness.

Place these blessed palms in your home in a place that will remind you of your promise to make this week holy.

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