By Fr. Herman Pongatung, MSC 

Tuesday of Holy Week

Well, it was night. It is a stark image of the gloom of sin and rejection. The betrayer, Judas, is walking into the darkness – away from Jesus. Jesus knows the darkness that is living in Judas’s heart, knows what is about to play out. In that moment the drama of the Passion is underway!

Jesus said to his apostles: ‘Will you lay down your life for me?’ Many of us might hesitate to answer this question. So Jesus is abandoned!

Yet, my question is, “What would you have done if you were there that night? You imagine yourself reclining at the heart of Jesus. Are you picking up the tensions among the other participants? Do you notice how Jesus is “troubled in spirit”? Let the drama of the scene draw you into it. What are your predominant feelings? Speak freely to Jesus about the whole situation and your reactions to it. He has already laid down his life for us. He is the true light whom the darkness cannot overcome. Lord, where there is darkness? Let me bring your light.

In keeping with this spirit, we pray for the beatification of the MSC martyrs from Guatemala — Fr Juan Alonso Fernandez, Fr Faustino Villanueva, Fr Jose Maria Gran Cirera. As Fr Faustino said: “We cannot leave the people abandoned. The situation is very bad.”

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