By Fr. Lucho Segura, MSC 

The story of Joseph and his brethren seems to have a point of convergence with the parable of the murderous winemakers in the question: What will Joseph do to his brothers? It is the same question that Jesus asks his listeners: What will the owner of the vineyard do to these winemakers? The human answer is revenge, but the Divine answer and the answer followed by both Joseph and Jesus is the proposal of mercy.

The stories teach people a lesson that can change their lives through love and mercy. As Pope Francis tells us, mercy is always free and undeserved and unconditional. I invite you today to think about your family relationships. Remember when you grew up. How were your relationships with your brothers and sisters? Do those relationships still remain? Have you healed the wounds of the past caused by conflicting relationships with your brothers and sisters? Finally, I invite you to remember that you are the vineyard of the Lord, that you are his child for whom God cares with love and patience so that you may be well and produce much fruit.

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