By Fr. Lucho Segura, MSC 

Dear brothers and sisters, with the parable of the prodigal son we are invited to be witnesses of the love, mercy and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ with those who have committed sin. The son who one day left the house finally returns and finds in his father someone who has waited for him. This son has committed sin. He regretfully repents and comes back to the house of his father. But the eldest son, who remained at home, feels like his brother is not sincere, and so he becomes a hard-hearted person who is unable to accept and forgive his brother’s faults. At the end of the parable there is the image of the father, who welcomes, forgives and receives his wayward son, knowing that both the good son and the bad son need his affection, love and support. The father is there to be with them in their life journeys.

Let us remember that our God is always waiting, and expecting us to come back, to repent of our sins and receive his mercy and compassion. May today be an opportunity to forgive our brothers’ and sisters’ faults, to be merciful to each other and to reconcile ourselves with those who have hurt and forsaken us. Let us give them a merciful chance to return and be reconciled with the family.

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