By Fr. Jun Cajucom, MSC 


During this time of Lent, we come to God begging for forgiveness. But do we know how to forgive those who hurt us and gave us so much pain and anger in our heart? Why should we forgive? It is always a struggle on our part to forgive if our trust has been broken. The trauma and pain have been inflicted in our spirit. No matter how we try, the memories will not go away. The excruciating experience keeps dragging us down and making our spiritual growth sluggish and difficult.

Jesus commanded us to forgive not only seven times, but seventy-seven times. Jesus knew that our anger would enslave us and would make our life miserable and in turmoil. He would like to free us from that state so we can enjoy life, find peace and happiness, and love unconditionally. So we pray to God to give us the grace of forgiveness and heal us from our pains and sufferings.

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