Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time 2019

There are times when we consider the glory of God and feel so insignificant and unworthy before his majesty. It might be a moment of awe looking at a star-filled sky at night or astonishment at the sheer power behind a volcanic eruption. Or it might be the amazement we feel when we see the holy, god-like actions of people reaching out to those in need, such as: first responders, volunteers working among the poor, doctors and nurses working in children’s hospitals, or Religious and laity reaching out to migrants.

God does not want us to stay in the fear of our unworthiness. His love forgives and purifies us. With Jeremiah, we want to say, “here I am, send me”. With Saint Paul, we want to say, “by the grace of God, I am what I am”. With Simon and the apostles, we want to leave everything and follow him.

The most awesome aspect of God is that God believes in us His people. When we let go of our feelings of worthlessness and unimportance, we allow God to do great things in us. God believes in each one of us in spite of what we see as our limitations and failures. Jesus never gave up on Simon Peter or Saul (Paul), and he will not give up on us.

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