Getting back to a life with meaning

Like sheep without a shepherd we can wander all over the landscape without any idea of where we are going (Mk 6). Getting back to a life with meaning has to begin with realizing that our lives have lost meaning. That is the beginning of a return to God who alone can give ultimate meaning to human existence. Then we need to discover a leader who can bring us where we want to go and trust that leader. We discover Jesus as the leader sent by God. Finally we need to be willing to be led by his love.

In due course we come to a time for spiritual housecleaning. We may have been at odds for a time with God and with other people. Suspicion and resentment isolate us when we are driven by selfishness rather than led by grace. Jesus has broken down the barrier of hostility that kept us apart (Eph 2). Then Jesus leads us on a journey which is lifelong. He shepherds us toward a life that is not only meaningful but grounded in peace and joy.


You have led me, Lord, from step to step, in my spiritual return to you and into your care. You have been patient with me. Teach me to be patient with myself.

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