God made the differences

“You must be made perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt 5).  Jesus is talking about forgiving enemies, which is especially difficult. We can see, however, a broader meaning. There is something very deep in God, which is the reason God forgives enemies. God’s view of his universe and of us is large. There is nothing petty or narrow in it. He accepts us as we are, to enable us to become better. The great heartedness of God is reflected in the generous and open heart of Jesus. All of us have had experience of Jesus’ generosity at times when we were hardly deserving of it.

Being like the Father means forgiving others not only for offenses but for being different. God made the differences though not the of­fenses; God both accepts and forgives. Toler­ance may be all we can manage at times. Meanwhile God is working on all of us, leading us toward our ideal selves. When we become more like God we will be, not only tolerant, but truly good, as God is.


May your goodness to me transform me, Lord. I pray for a large and open spirit, for my own peace and that of others.

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