By Fr. Frank J. Timar, MSC

In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul is very helpful. He gives us some attainable goals. He tells us to live honorably and to let Jesus help us in our efforts to love one another. The Bible is filled with promises made by God and He has kept every one of them. St. Paul urges us to let the past be past; and to let go of past wounds, past anxieties, past hurts, past fears and doubts, so that we can live freely in the present time and hope for a better and safer future because God kept His promises in the past and we can trust God to keep the promises He makes today.

Fr. Frank J. Timar, MSC (Pennsylvania Community)

Father Frank professed his first vows on September 14, 1952 and was ordained on July 13, 1958. He is in residence at our Sacred Heart Villa in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

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