He takes us as we are

When Jesus is near his presence is the outreach of his love for us. At such moments it is enough to receive his gift with gratitude. He comes to those who love him, who look for his coming. He comes in peace, making restless hearts peaceful. Human nature may storm; Jesus calms the waters. There is no storm he cannot quiet, though later the waters may become troubled again. His coming is a foretaste of the peace that will never end when he comes to take us to himself.

In the season of Advent we look for a special coming at Christmas. Yet Jesus enters our world of folly and infirmity at every moment of time, saying “yes” on our behalf to what is true in us and what we might become. He is always looking not to the dark side of our past and present, but rather to our future. He takes us as we are and asks us to do the same, and then give ourselves over entirely into his love and guidance.


You are more patient with me, Lord, than I am with myself. I hear you telling me in my heart that all you expect of me is to open my heart to you. You will come in and re-create me in your image.

© 2020 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
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