Reflections for the Holy Week by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

By Fr. Ray Diesbourg, MSC

(New York Community)

It’s very quiet here on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Meteorologically the days seem longer and the nights shorter. But for many it’s also true psychologically—the days are long and the nights short. We would appear to be “wholly weak” were it not for Holy Week.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he was hailed, loved and welcomed. Just a few days later he was scorned, hated and rejected. His experience can be a strength for us in dealing with the difficulties of life. If we join our crosses to his, we can expect resurrection as well. All this week, Holy Week, we celebrate the events that lead to our salvation.

As we deal with the magnitude of the coronavirus devastation, especially in larger cities, it’s important to remember the even greater magnitude of Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection. By conquering even death, Jesus made it possible for us to live forever. Now death can be viewed as merely a rite of passage, going from the limitations of earthly life to the fullness of eternal life.

May the Lord continue to watch over all of us.


Fr. Ray, MSC

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