How can we be at the same time children and adults?

The Lord comes when we least expect him (Lk 12). That will be true at the end of the world; it is true now. If Jesus were absolutely predictable, we might settle down into a pattern which does not allow for improvement. He needs to get our attention and stimulate us to move forward. On one day he will seem to be far away; on another we will find him close to us though we had not anticipated his approach. Sometimes he will come to show us our faults; again, he will come to console us and relieve our anxieties. Like a good doctor he provides what we need at the moment.

Though Jesus compared his disciples to children our relationship with him is also that of mature adults. He treats us as adults who have the ability to make adult decisions. How can we be at the same time children and adults? The child grows into an adult by learning how to use its freedom. Little by little Jesus draws us into a mature bond with himself.


I want to be a child, Lord, in that I want always to be willing to learn from you. I want to be an adult who can think, speak and act as your friend. Teach me how to walk at your side.

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