Human beings do not live by bread alone

“If you give what you have as alms, all will be wiped clean for you” (Lk 11). The most important alms we can give is ourselves. Even the poorest person has a self to give. Any alms without love and respect means little. It is true that a hungry person will appreciate the bread which he or she receives in whatever spirit it is given. Nevertheless what people want most is the love and respect of the one who gives the bread.

Grand schemes to right the wrongs of the world may be very efficient but often lack heart and respect for human dignity. Human beings do not live by bread alone. They live by being loved in a way which allows them to respect themselves. We have come to see ourselves in a positive and uplifting way because of the alms we have received from the heart of Jesus. He has shown us that he considers us worth his attention and care.


I come to you, Lord, to receive the alms of your tender love for me. I see myself as a person of worth because you see me as a person of worth. You have given me much more than the satisfying of earthly needs. Along with your many gifts, you have given me your very self.

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