In good times and bad

St. Paul considered the sufferings of the present to be as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed in us (Rom 8). It is hard for us when we are suffering to take this point of view. Yet sufferings are an unavoidable feature of life whether or not we follow Jesus. Sufferings, however, will have no permanence as will the glory of being one with God. It is not likely that St. Paul, who suffered much, was discounting suffering. He was far too human for that. He wanted to emphasize the glory to come. 

Looking at the glory of God is useful even when we are not suffering, to keep everything in perspective, remembering that whatever happens now “this too will pass.” The satisfactions and dissatisfactions of this life can otherwise distract us from beginning even now to taste what God has prepared for those who love him. St. Paul also says that we have the Spirit as first fruits. The Spirit prays within us in good times and bad. The Spirit is our strength in suffering.


Be with me, Lord in good times and bad. Keep me close to you no matter what happens in my daily life. Strengthen me with your love.

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