Insecurity is a perpetual concern of human beings

Jesus said: “A man may be wealthy but his possessions do not guarantee him life” (Lk 12). Insecurity is a perpetual concern of human beings. Governments rise and fall because people feel insecure; marriages break up after endless arguments over money. Even disciples can spend much more time and energy guaranteeing their estates than they do in prayer and service in the name of Jesus. The only remedy for excessive concern over the goods of this world is to reflect on the values which guide our lives and put our priorities in order.

Jesus pointed out that all the possessions in the world cannot make us happy. He knows that we need our “daily bread.” He also knows that there is another bread that we need even more. He is that bread—his word, his presence. The evil lies not in seeking what we need; the evil lies in greed, an exaggerated concern over the things of this world. Our need for God can never be exaggerated. God will be our eternal possession.


Give me this day my daily bread. Aim me in the right direction, Lord, and keep me on course toward you. Let not anxiety over things separate me from you.

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