Jesus grew up in a working household

Jesus grew up in a working household. In fact he spent almost his entire life in Nazareth as a carpenter. He came to a deeper understanding of God amidst the sounds of woodworking tools and household chores. Clearly, we don’t have to live in a desert solitude or on a mountain top to find God.

Most of Jesus’ disciples are family people, tradespersons, professionals, farmers, or engaged in any number of other ordinary activities. God dwells in the middle of human activities. We find God where he would have us be and doing what he would have us do. It would be a mistake, however, to think that activity by itself can bring us to God. Indeed, activity can become an addiction and an escape from God. For our work to be a road to union with God it is first necessary to listen, as did Mary of Bethany at the feet of Jesus (Lk 10). Then the labor of Martha will have direction. Everything we do will be an expression of our love of God.


In you, Lord, I live and move and have my being (Acts 17). In you I work and tend my world. Be with me in my daily journey.

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