Jesus promised the restoration of the world

The judgment of the world begins as a self judgment. When we listen to, read or watch the news, we are treated to an endless litany of catastrophes. If we believe that the litany represents what is really happening in the world we might think that God is on vacation. Our faith tells us, of course, that this is not so.

Worldly obsession with catastrophe shows the importance of faith. Faith sees the world and its events as a mix of good and evil, where Providence gradually brings about the triumph of good though evil may seem to triumph for a time. In emphasizing catastrophe the world is passing judgment on its lack of faith.

Obsession with catastrophe is also a product of fear. Jesus promised the restoration of the world. Over historical time Jesus transforms it. On the personal level he guarantees the resurrection of those who believe in him.


Your spirit, Lord, has little in common with the ambitions and fears of a world without faith. Its ambitions are hollow compared to your promises. Its fears are shadows that will pass away. I believe you will be faithful to your word.

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