By Fr. Frank J. Timar, MSC

Sooner or later, our ideas of a Messiah will clash with what Jesus is really doing. Jesus, the real Jesus, the real Messiah, the Lord, the Good Shepherd, our Savior and our true Friend, this Jesus will upset our expectations. This Jesus will ask us, He always does, if we really want to follow Him, or if we want to cling to our idea of who the Messiah should be. And Jesus wants to know if we are ready to follow Him wherever He wants to take us, or do we want to be comfortable and worship a God of our own choosing?”

Fr. Frank J. Timar, MSC (Pennsylvania Community)

Father Frank professed his first vows on September 14, 1952 and was ordained on July 13, 1958. He is in residence at our Sacred Heart Villa in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

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