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The ultimate goal of the MSC is to help everyone believe in God’s love for them and respond to this love by becoming loving, caring persons themselves.  But the task is clearly beyond the capability of MSC priests, brothers, and sisters.  We are too few, the world is too big, the customs, languages, and places too many.  However, the task is possible if we work together with the laity.  Lay MSC are drawn together by the belief in the MSC spirituality—that people cannot find happiness apart from a realization of God’s love in their own hearts.  The MSC mission of bringing God’s love to the world is also the mission of the laity.  The ministry of the laity is service in the world, within their social or occupational situations.  The lay MSC meet monthly to pray, engage in lively conversation and focus on the spirituality of the heart.  

Our Foundation


The Sacred Heart Foundation spreads the word of God by raising funds which provide financial assistance for the education of those studying to be priests and brothers of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart anywhere in the world.  

The Foundation volunteers are dedicated to providing educational scholarships for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. The Foundation demonstrates effective stewardship and sound business and investment strategies in the receipt of donations, expansion of our donor base, and implementation of fundraising activities. In doing so, the Foundation informs and educates the community with regard to its mission and goals. As the Foundation engages in these efforts, we seek to advance the Church’s essential work of evangelization, spreading God’s word with its power to heal, to enlighten, to reconcile, and to save.

The Sacred Heart Foundation is located in Watertown, NY. For more information, visit: www.sacredheartfoundation.com.

Our Sisters




The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an international congregation of over 800 religious women. The MSC Sisters were formed in the Spirituality of the Heart inspired by Jules Chevalier, MSC, their spiritual founder. The charism statement of the Sisters is “Being graced by the love of Christ we are called to respond to His love and to make that love present to everyone.” In responding to God’s call, each Sister, including the Sisters who are retired and infirmed, uses the gifts given her to answer the needs of God’s people.

The MSC Sisters continue Christ’s mission through various types of service as needs arise through education, social services, hospice, healthcare, pastoral care, and elder care. In one of our MSC parishes in Nazareth, PA, the Sisters teach in the parish school and nourish parishioners academically and spiritually.

The United States Motherhouse is located in Reading, Pennsylvania.

For more information visit: www.mscreading.org