Let tomorrow take care of itself

“Let tomorrow take care of itself. Today has troubles enough of its own” (Mt 6). Psycholo­gists say that one of the first things a child must learn is trust. Our earliest experiences are extremely important. Since no one is per­fect we learn trust only “more or less.” Grace builds on nature but is greater than nature. Even an anxious person can find peace in God —if not always complete freedom from anxi­ety, at least a measure of peace. Worrying about tomorrow is a common pastime of anx­ious people whatever their circumstances.

Grace is always given in the present moment. We can’t anticipate grace. Jesus will give us what we need when we need it. What we always need, in the present moment is trust that he will be with us tomorrow. He has said that his love is faithful. He asks us to believe his word. While we wait for tomorrow with faith in him, he would have us address the opportunities he gives us today.


Lord, grace me with trust in your faithfulness. When I am frightened of the future remind me of your word. Lead me also to see life as an opportunity rather than merely a succession of problems.

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