Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

The following excerpts are from the Superior General sent to the congregation members for the Feast of the Sacred Heart – June 7, 2024.

The 2024 Sacred Heart Feast Day is being celebrated within the framework of some very important celebrations for all of us as Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. One of them is the closing of the Chevalier Jubilee Year, which we celebrated a few days ago on the feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. It has been 15 months in which we have given thanks and remembered our Founder 200 years after his birth. We have also made processes of listening and discernment in order to feel anew the invitation of the Holy Spirit to transform and update the legacy and the founding inspiration of Fr. Jules Chevalier, “A man with a burning heart for the Mission.”

Thus, in the midst of these events, the Feast of the Sacred Heart 2024 is a prophetic encouragement for us as Missionaries of the Sacred Heart to continue to walk confidently and look to the future. As followers of Jesus of Nazareth, we are confident that he makes this journey with us. As we walk, the Spirit of Jesus sustains and encourages us, showing us the places of prophecy where today the Spirit needs us and needs our MSC Charism and Mission.

In order to make the celebration of this Feast of the Sacred Heart 2024 a profound moment that can give us tools for our journey and missionary commitment, I share with you a little of what Cardinal Aquilino Bocos Merino, cmf, shared with the Union of Superiors General in these days. I am sure that this is a simple and useful aid and gives us a beautiful program for this Feast to be truly a moment of missionary impulse.

(Quote is edited) Religious Life is called to be a prophetic sign and an effective instrument to build a fraternal and missionary “we “, An “ecclesial we ” which includes all members of the People of God, and which spontaneously puts into practice, among others, these verbs:

1) To live together.
2) To be grateful.
3) To Love
4) To listen to God and our brothers and sisters, nature and events.
5) Pray together.
6) To forgive.
7) To help each other.

And last one is to commit ourselves by making the Religious Life is called to be a prophetic sign and an effective instrument to build fraternal beatitudes and the eschatological discourse of Jesus a reality. (Aquilino Card. Bocos Merino, cmf)

Dear Confreres, on this Sacred Heart Feast Day, we encourage you to continue to be pilgrims of hope in the midst of a wounded world by so many wars, injustices and real experiences of the consequences of climate change and disrespect for Mother Earth.

May this MSC Feast serve to raise awareness and continue to express our solidarity and closeness to you, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, who struggle day by day to witness to the merciful and compassionate Love of the Heart of Jesus where the pierced hearts of today cry out for our presence and for our prophetic and missionary commitment. Many of you MSC confreres are going through difficult situations and/or in very challenging places, we admire your coherence and persistence in the Mission.

Our solidarity also goes out to all the members of the Chevalier Family; in short, to all the People of God who continue to be signs of hope in difficult places, even putting their lives at risk to make our motto a reality: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere. Congratulations and courage in the Mission.

Written by the MSC General Leadership Team:

M. Abzalon Alvarado Tovar (Writt.)
Chris Chaplin
Bernard Mongeau
Simon Lumpini
Bram Tulusan
Gene Pejo

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