Letting go radically

“What else have I in heaven but you? Apart from you I want nothing on earth. My body and my heart faint for joy; God is my possession forever” (Ps 73). To possess God eventually needs a self-emptying—a letting go of all that is not God. Is it all right to love those close to us? Certainly! Jesus intended that we love our relatives and friends as well as our enemies. We will find even them, however, in a new way, in God. As an old saying put it: “You Can’t Take It with You” except in God.

Sometimes, “letting go” does not seem to work. We may let go of resentments, for example, only to find them back after a short time. We can be certain that it is God’s will for us to let them go and yet fail again and again. The problem is in letting go radically. If we “hang on” while letting go we are torn inside. Actually possessing God alone is the recipe for peace and joy.


I want to see God. I want peace and joy. Teach my heart, Lord, to want you above all. Teach me to let go radically. If I really desire you above all else I will find myself possessing all that you have made with a pure heart.

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