Epiphany 2019

One of the ways we could look at today’s Gospel is to consider the attitudes that are being expressed and then examine our own. Everyone wants to identify with the Magi and at a first glance, no one believes that they might have the attitude of Herod. We need to look a little deeper to see if that simple conclusion is valid.

Are we open to “dreamers”, people who seek to change rather than fit in to the way things are? In our parish, do we have everything established the way we want? Are the same people always in charge and make all decisions? The early Church had to accept new people from far away with different customs and ideas. Today’s feast reminded them to be open to those who had journeyed a long way to be with them and to be open to their gifts; to be open to change.

When we stifle creativity, when we reject new ideas, when new people are treated as if they were unimportant, we kill the new life that God’s Spirit has sent to us. Is there something of Herod in us?

Magi people make us uncomfortable because they are always following a star. They are always open to discovering the Lord in new places and are willing to allow him to change their lives. He calls each of them to offer their most precious gift- the gift of themselves, just as he offers his life for each of us.

We are called to be a Pilgrim Church, a Church on a journey. When we are not, we become like Herod, threatened by new ideas, new people, changes in authority structures, etc. If we do not accept our “star gazers” they will find a different route and we will be the poorer for it.

By Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

© 2018 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
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