Twenty-seventh Sunday 2018

The world was quite different when the Holy Scriptures were written, but today’s readings reflect timeless values even in our present world. For example, the reading from Genesis insists on the equal dignity of man and woman. It will go on to assert their superiority over all the rest of creation and so their responsibility before it. Genesis also implies that communion with others is essential for human existence. We are not supposed to be alone. Marriage is one special way that we will love in communion with another. A relationship of love is also an experience of God and engenders new life.

There is an insistence against divorce in the Gospel. Jesus insists that if a man and woman truly love each other, there is no room for betrayal. People should marry because they truly know and love each other and offer and receive something that makes each of them more complete.

The sincere love of a man and woman committed to each other for life will often have the opportunity to welcome children for whom Jesus shows a special love and acceptance. But, whether a couple can have and raise children or not, the example of their commitment to each other is a sign of the love of Jesus for his bride, the Church.

This Gospel was written in the context of Jesus’s response to Pharisees. In our present age, as throughout history, Jesus is not speaking with a hardened heart, but rather from a heart full of mercy and forgiveness. We are called to walk with each other without judgement as we all struggle to love as Jesus loves.

By Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

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