Many diocese and religious communities have made public the list of clergy with credible allegations of the sexual abuse of minors. In the spirit of accountability, we are making public a list of MSC priests and brothers who have been removed from their ministries over credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor and who were reported to authorities. We have decided to release the names of those MSC to offer healing and hope to all victims of sexual abuse and their families. We ask for your prayers for the victims, their families, and the Church.


Date Accused


Ball, Edward1992Deceased 2016
Campbell, James2002Deceased 2007
Cipar, Dan 2019Deceased 2018
DeRea, Philip 2010Deceased 2017
Francoeur, Joseph A. 2019Deceased 1988
Jablonski, Joseph 2014Accused
Kuhl, Richard 1996Deceased 2009
LeMay, Christopher 2018Deceased 1995
O'Hara, Patrick 2005Deceased 2008
Petit, Leo1993Deceased 2014

We urge anyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse or with knowledge of such abuse to report the information to civil authorities or contact our Victim Assistance Coordinator, Dianne Hurrell at 630-892-2371