Dear friend,

I understand your frustration and all the emotions you might be having right now. Like you, I am also frustrated. This morning when I looked at the parking space, it was very empty. Today, I am going to celebrate the Mass without the community that I dearly love. I could not imagine that it would happen and I would have to experience that on any given Sunday in my priestly ministry.

However we are in a different situation. The enemy is unseen. We are fighting a different war that even the most powerful country in the world is trying to figure out how to defeat. During this moment that we have to be vigilant, the devil will try to use this opportunity to break us, to divide us and to weaken our faith. Jesus’ temptation on the mountain is an example of how the devil would try all his power to deceive anyone, even the Son of God. We are all in this war together. Remember those soldiers in the field who sacrificed their lives to give us our freedom to express and practice our faith in God. This is that moment. We all have to make a sacrifice so that others may live. We are all in this together.

I am praying for you and thank you for voicing out your feelings. But let not despair defeat you. Pray to increase your faith in this trying moment. At the end of the tunnel, light will be seen and joy will wipe all our fears, frustrations and anger. We will see that God is with us, in this very moment that we need Him most.

Your friend in the Lord,

Fr. Jun.

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