“My yoke is easy and my burden light”

When Jesus says, “…my yoke is easy and my burden light,” (Mt 11) he is clearly saying that there is a yoke and a burden. What makes them easy and light? Some have said that the reason is the love with which they are given and received. Might the reason not also be the freedom with which they are given and received? People will lay down their lives for freedom, as has happened in every revolution.

When we break free from bondage to this or that sin or dependency, we have a burden of dealing with it and have taken on a yoke, which is a program of renewal. However the freedom which we enjoy makes it all worthwhile. If in addition we discover a God of love our burden is further lightened. Unfortunately the only people who can appreciate this are people who have begun a spiritual journey with God. There needs to be an initial breakthrough and then a commitment to be able to appreciate fully what God has done in us.


You have set me free, Lord, so that I can share in your freedom and be free to love you. Guide me to greater freedom and closer union with you.

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