“Lead everyone to the source of living water opened in the side of your Son and pouring forth for the life of the world hope and peace, mercy and salvation.”

          Lord, we call your special love for us grace. In the water flowing from the side of your Son on the cross, we see the torrent of your love. In Christ’s body, sacrificed and glorified, we see the source of this living water, the one channel through which your grace comes into our world. This grace means forgiveness and salvation; it means hope, light and peace for each of us. Seeing Mary at the foot of Christ’s cross when his heart was pierced, we realize her role in making that holy moment possible and her role today in leading all people to the source of grace.

          We pray that the new life flowing from Christ’s side might reach everyone. We pray that by following Mary all might come to see the greatest sign of your love. We pray that, beside Mary, all men and women might gather at the foot of the cross to feel the healing effect of your love and to love you in return. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


          Remember, Mary, Our lady of the Sacred Heart, the great things the Lord has done for you. He chose you for his Mother.

          He wanted you close to his cross. He gives you a share in his glory. He listens to your prayer. Offer him our prayers of praise and thanksgiving; present our petitions to him.

          Let us live like you in the love of your Son that his Kingdom may come. Lead everyone to the source of living water that flows from his heart, spreading over the world hope and salvation justice and peace. See our trust in you; answer our prayer. Show yourself always our Mother. Amen.

          Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, pray for us.

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