". . . Our Father . . . has maintained you faithful, the servant of the Lord all the way to the cross."

        God, in your providence you decreed that all men should obey you and seek your will above all things. In becoming man and accepting death on the cross, your Son showed us what it means to carry out your will and serve you. He showed us that our true freedom and perfection can only be found in remaining faithful to you.

         All through her life, but especially at the foot of the cross, Mary proved herself faithful to you and to your Son. Although your will for her meant pain and suffering as well as joy, she never failed to be the servant you wanted her to be. In this way she joined herself to Christ as a perfect example of obedience to you.

         We ask you to give us the strength to persevere, like Mary, as your servants. Help us to accept both good times and bad, both health and sickness, both joy and suffering as expressions of your will for us. Above all, help us to remain faithful to you even when we do not understand your will. From the cross, lead us, with Mary, to the joy of your Son's resurrection. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


          REMEMBER, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the ineffable power which your divine Son has given you over his adorable heart. Full of confidence in your merits, we now implore your protection.

          O heavenly treasurer of the Heart of Jesus, of that heart which is the inexhaustible source of all graces, and which you may open when you please, in order to distribute among men all the treasures of love and mercy, of light and salvation which it contains, grant us we beseech you, the favors we solicit . . . . .

          No, we cannot meet with a refusal, and since you are our mother, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, favorably hear and grant our prayers. Amen.

          Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, pray for us.

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