"Relying on Christ's choice from the cross when he made you our Mother, we pray you speak for us now that you stand in his presence."

       Almighty God, it was your will that Christ be, in all things, the first man, the model and guide for all others. Even now you desire that every man be a part of your Son's body, since it is through him alone that we can come before you. In giving us his own mother to be our mother, Jesus showed us how closely we are meant the be united with him. From the moment of his death, Mary has been more than his physical mother. She has been the mother of his body, the Church. She joins him in his intercession with you on our behalf.

        We ask you to bring us, like Mary, to a closer union with your Son. Help us to be alive and active as members of his body. Hear the words our Savior speaks on our behalf and hear the words of Mary as she stands in your presence and intercedes for us. Help us to be true brothers and sisters with Jesus and true children of Mary. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. 


         REMEMBER, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, what marvelous things the Lord has done for you: how he chose you for his mother; how he wanted you to be beside his cross; how he gave you a share in his glory; how he listens to your prayers.

         Make our longings and our thanksgiving known to him; offer him our deepest desires.

         Make us live out of love for your Son, as you do. Lead us all to the spring of living water that flows from his Heart, spreading hope and salvation, justice and peace, over the world. 

         See how confident we are, Lady of the Sacred Heart, and answer our prayer. Show yourself always to be our mother. Amen. 

          Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, pray for us.

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